Why Insurance Broker?


The insurance broking is a relatively new concept in insurance industry in India.  By introducing the concept Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority has recognised the need for professionalism to serve the various policy holders...

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Why Insurance?


Why is insurance necessary? The question contains the answer within itself. After all, life is fraught with tensions and apprehensions  regarding the future and what it holds for the  individual.  Despite  all
the  planning and preparation one might make, no one can accurately guarantee or predict how the circumstances that might ensue in its aftermath.

We are not saying that life and existence are constantly fraught with danger and uncertainty. But then it is essential that you plan for the future. The chances for a fatality or an injury to occur to the average individual may not be particularly high but then no one can really afford to completely disregard his or her future and what it holds.

People generally regard insurance as a scheme when and where you have to lose a lot to gain a little. Nevertheless, insurance is still the most reliable tool an individual can use to plan for his future.